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Caat is coming soon!
In its opening year, Caat will enroll students in grades TK-8. If you have a child in these grades and are interested in Caat download and email us an intent to enroll form. 

By completing an intent to enroll form you are expressing interest in having your child attend Caat. It does not officially enroll your child at Caat.

Email your intent to enroll form to

Building a school for the future, in Downtown Bakersfield.

Are you looking for new opportunities for your child? Caat offers a FREE high quality education, that meets your child's unique needs. Caat offers students:

  • Classical arts education

  • Cutting edge technology 

  • Small school setting

  • Individual support

  • Electives for all

Caat is Bakersfield's first public charter school.

There are plenty of rumors and myths about charter schools. Get the facts about charter schools.

Why Public Charter Schools Matter:
  • Free, public schools open to ALL students

  • Full inclusion programs

  • Independence

  • No attendance boundaries

  • Flexibility, innovation, and personalized learning

  • Choice for families

All families deserve the freedom to choose the school that's best for their child.

Invest in the future of education. 

If you support school choice and want to see more educational opportunities for children in Bakersfield make a donation today. 

If you are interested in joining our funders you can donate today or contact us to learn more about how you can support school choice in Kern County.

LinkEd is a non-profit committed to improving public education.

Learn about our monthly parent and community events.

We are creating a coalition to build an independent school of choice for families in Bakersfield. 

We are a community based organization. Get involved today! 

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