Building a school for the future in Downtown Bakersfield.

If you’re ready for change, speak up to give more kids access to an education that meets their unique needs. Your voice matters, now more than ever. 


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Scan the code to send an email to the BCSD school board letting them know you support school choice and urge them to approve the Caat charter petition. 

Myths vs Facts, School Choice 

There are plenty of rumors and myths about charter schools and the Establishment Petition for the Central Academy of Arts and Technology. Get the facts about charter schoos. 

  • Free, public schools open to ALL students

  • Full inclusion programs

  • Independence

  • No attendance boundaries

  • Flexibility, innovation, and personalized learning

  • Choice for families

All families deserve the freedom to choose the school that's best for their child.
Why Public Charter Schools Matter:

An inspiring space to explore and create. 

Space matters. It affects student's attitudes, dispositions, and outcomes. A special school space gives students, families, and teachers a unique identity as innovators, creators, and explorers.

Caat will be ideally located in the heart of our city center, close to our partners in technology and the arts. The space blends the tradition of a historical landmark with the technology of the 21st century and inspires a diverse school community to
imagine the future of education. 

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We are excited to announce the location for the Central Academy of Arts and Technology (Caat) at 1200 Truxtun Ave. This ideal location is made possible by the vision and passion of local investors for innovative schools. 

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 If you’re looking for more educational opportunities for your kids in Bakersfield, then join us on Saturday July 10th to learn how the Central Academy of Arts and Technology could support your child. Now is the time to get involved and speak up for school choice. 

No upcoming events at the moment
Take action to help make Caat a reality. 

If approved, Caat download enroll studnets in grades TK-8 in the fall of 2023. If you have a child in these grades and are interested in Caat download and email us an intent to enroll form. 

By completing an intent to enroll form you are expressing interest in having your child attend Caat. It does not officially enroll your child at Caat.

Email your intent to enroll form to

Invest in the future of education. 

The time to give is now. If you support school choice and want to see more educational opportunities for children in Bakersfield make a donation today. 

If you are interested in joining our funders you can donate today or contact to learn more about investment opportunities. 

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We are creating a coalition to build an independent school of choice for families in Bakersfield. 

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