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Empowering Parents.

Creating choice.


We are a non-profit focused on improving public education. We believe that bringing diverse groups together will help us build a stronger, united future for the Bakersfield community. We envision an education system in Kern County where young people do not need to leave the Valley to achieve their dreams. We hold a vision for transformational change in education that includes: 

  • Every child is prepared to meet the technological demands of the 21st century.

  • Youth who are connected and deeply engaged with the community, mentored, encouraged and feel loved.

  • An educational landscape that offers families a variety of tuition free schools of choice. 

  • Educational leaders who are inspired to lead with courage and conviction to achieve equity and dismantle systems that perpetuating achievement gaps. 

  • Community members who are united in supporting our youth and work together to provide hope for the future of our community. 

  • Diversity is embraced as our strength and diverse groups come together to advance the whole community, close gaps, and achieve equity in our community.


We create opportunity for high quality education and improve educational outcomes for ALL children in Bakersfield.  We bring together parents, community members, and educational leaders to build schools of choice, support families, and prepare students for the future.

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