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Teacher and Student

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At Caat, we firmly believe all children can achieve at high levels and are committed to the pursuit of preparing every student for a successful college experience. We are seeking educators who want to be the dedicated leaders of our school, guiding and inspiring our students on their educational journey. 

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow 

At CAAT, we honor the past and embrace innovation for the future, ensuring that our educators are supported and equipped to deliver a 21st-century education for an ever-changing world. We firmly believe that for public education to thrive, the role of the teacher must adapt to meet the challenges of the modern classroom.

We are unapologetically committed to providing a unique experience for educators because we understand that the teacher experience profoundly influences the student experience. Our dedication to a student-centered approach begins with creating an exceptional experience for our staff. We acknowledge that their fulfillment and growth directly contribute to our students' success.

Are you ready to join our team? We are building our 2024-2025 applicant pool. Fill out the form below, drop your resume and a cover letter, and answer a few simple questions to get started. Our team is reviewing resumes on an ongoing basis.

Join Our Team
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