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A Call to Action

Getting a Charter petition approved is no small feat. You can't stand on the sidelines. We need people from every sector to speak out in support of our proposal and the establishment of a FREE, public Charter school for Bakersfield. If you believe that public education needs innovation and the status quo is not working for many students and families, then we need your support. 

Taking action only takes a few minutes - and your impact can be big. We are calling for community members to write letters of support, send emails, and invite us to share at their place of business, and help us build our network. 

We are also respectfully asking community organizations, business, and individuals to make donations - large and small - to make sure we have the resources we need to get the Charter petition approved. We are grateful to everyone who has donated to support our work over the last two years. If you can give, this is the most crucial time to support our efforts with a donation. 

We are a pro-educator, pro-public education, and pro-school choice movement committed to brining an independent Charter school to Bakersfield. Will you stand with us for school choice?

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