Mission Statement

Central Academy of Arts and Technology (Caat) creates an equitable learning environment where the exceptional talents of every child can be developed, and their lives are enriched through technology and the arts. 



Vision Statement

Central Academy of Arts and Technology (Caat) takes a systemic approach to equitable education, implementing structures and systems that allow every child to achieve at high levels. Caat nurtures constructive relationships to bring people together from diverse backgrounds and experiences, building a stronger community ready to embrace the future. The school empowers empathetic leaders through a technology-based and creative learning experience that is personalized for each child. At Caat, every child cultivates their own unique interests and has their individuality celebrated. The schooling at Caat prepares students to lead, innovate, and create opportunities in their community.

What makes the Central Academy of Arts and Technology different? 

  • a comprehensive K-12 Early College program 

  • rigorous academics fully integrated with the arts and technology, 

  • a full inclusion program with supports designed to accelerate the achievement of ELLs, students with an IEP, and students from historically underperforming schools.

  • emphasis on teachers as leaders and educational entrepreneurs co-leading the school

  • engagement with parents as the first educators, 

  • positive behavior support focused on constructive and relational development

  • diverse, inspiring, and inclusive school culture, 

  • continuous support for a successful transition to and persistence in college 

  • developing students as leaders in our community through partnerships with local community members.

Our Team. A Track Record of Success 

Our founding members are a growing coalition of parents, educators, business, and nonprofit leaders who share a vision for a diverse, inclusive, and personalized school that promotes equity by changing systems in education.


The LinkEd team is led by diverse Charter School leaders who have worked for the last 10 years to help establish the highest performing Charter schools in some of the most undervalued communities in Kern County. These leaders are now bringing their experiences to the heart of Bakersfield. They are experts at creating a culture of excellence, developing and retaining talent, and managing the business of running a high-quality charter school. 


Our team is committed to proving that it is possible to break through the barriers that have kept poor and affluent, black and white, native and nonnative English speakers separate for decades. And that by doing so, all children will achieve at higher levels.