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School Students

About LinkEd

Empowering families. Raising the bar for schools.​

LinkEd Public Schools is non-profit committed to improving public education in Kern County. We believe that bringing diverse groups together will help us build a stronger, united future for our  community. We envision an education system in Kern County where young people do not need to leave the Central Valley to achieve their dreams or are excited to return home to build their lives. 

LinkEd Vision

In our vision, each child is thoroughly prepared to navigate the technological challenges of the 21st century. The younger generation remains intricately linked to the community, actively participating and benefiting from guidance, mentorship, encouragement, and a strong sense of belonging. The educational spectrum presents families with an array of tuition-free school options, catering to individual preferences. Motivated by courage and a commitment to putting students first, families and educators work together to dismantle the bureaucratic obstacles that perpetuate achievement disparities.


As a cohesive community, we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of our youth, collaboratively nurturing a sense of hope for the generations to come. We embrace diversity as a cornerstone and recognize that it will take the entire community moving forward, bridging divides, and ensuring that all student groups achieve at high 


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