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Caat's Philosophy & Pillars 

Opportunity means that every child will be competitively eligible for a four-year university. 

Below are our four pillars on which our school is based.

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A One-of-a Kind School 

Welcome to our charter school community! Click below to access information about the upcoming school year. We're excited to partner with you in creating an enriching learning environment for your child.


Mutual Commitment

We take responsibility and move forward together.

Our promise is to do whatever it takes for every child to thrive. We are an intentional community, which means we all have a shared responsibility to each other. We embrace difficult conversations because they help us grow. We believe that hard work will lead us to success.

Core Values

We create the future we want to experience.

The Cardinal Values of courage, wisdom, justice, and self control guide us. It takes more than talent to be successful. Values build strong minds that push through adversity. Our children need mentors to show them how these values help them live a life of direction and purpose.

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Art Class

Creativity Matters

We admire people who push the limits.

Giving children space to explore creatively helps them achieve at high levels. Every child has unique talents and skills. We cultivate talents and celebrate individuality. Discipline helps us form habits for success. We help children find their passion and chart a path to success.

Results Focused

We are focused on results, not just effort.

We don't compete, we set the standard. Using real-time data we make decisions about what a child needs. We never let a child fall behind. Parents never have to wonder how their child is doing. As children get older, they take ownership of their learning to make choices about their future.

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Central Academy of Arts and Technology (Caat) creates an equitable learning environment where the exceptional talents of every child can be developed, and their lives are enriched through technology and the arts.

Vision Statement 

Central Academy of Arts and Technology (CAAT) takes a systemic approach to equitable education, implementing structures and systems that allow every child to achieve at high levels. CAAT nurtures constructive relationships to bring people together from diverse backgrounds and experiences, building a stronger community ready to embrace the future. The school empowers empathetic leaders through a technology-based and creative learning experience that is personalized for each child. At CAAT, every child cultivates their own unique interests and has their individuality celebrated. The schooling at CAAT prepares students to lead, innovate, and create opportunities in their community. 

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